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People are always asking me for husbandry advise as well as how I house everything so now you can see where me and my gecko's live. I take great pride in my reptile room as well as the animals filling the tanks, my room is constantly evolving and changing to either make room for another project or babies, so chances are by the time you see these pics something will be different. But I hope that you can get some idea of where the geckos you buy come from. My goal in housing my animals is to create a functional living space that meets all the requirements of the species being kept in it as well as provide me the ease of being able to keep things clean.

Main Room

Isle 1 (view 1)


Isle 1 (View 2)


End Cap, Isle 1 on the far right, Isle 2 center, and Isle 3 far left


Hatchling Rack/Grow Up Tanks various species


Isle 3 (view 1)


Isle 3 (View 2) Blue Tubs are Uroplatus enclosures


Isle 3 (View 3)


Rhacodactylus trachyrhynchus trachycephalus breeding tanks


Saltuarius Enclosures


Cyrtodactylus chanhomae tanks


Madagascar Room

I have taken a special interest in a lot of Madagascar species.  I find the situation of the country to be in rather dire circumstances and the wildlife under heavy threat due to habitat loss and political unrest. There are so many animals imported to the United States every year, yet as a whole we have almost squat to show for it if you look at the sheer amount of animals that do come in.  There have been a number of successful breeders in recent years and CB animals are slowly starting to become more available, however this is mainly due to the persistence of a group of small dedicated keepers.  I have designed my room to be fully climate controlled, automatically misted, and provide good ventilation through the use of screen caging and fans.  I have some success this far, and I hope that 2010 will be a good year on all accounts for most of these species as they are high on my priority list.

Room Shot

U. phantasticas tanks, Grow Out Uroplatus tanks




Closeup of U. fimbriatus breeding enclsure


Closeup of P. masobe breeding enclosure


Closeup of P. masobe breeding enclosure


P. masobe breeding enclosures


Uroplatus sikorae breeding enclosures


U. lineatus breeding enclosure



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