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Gecko Sites


This is the best website chock-a-block full of info regarding the amazing genus of Pachydactylus.


This is an extremely resourceful website with everything to do with geckos!


Dr. Dan maintains one of the most diverse collections of Australian geckos I have seen.  He also has recently completed a book about the geckos of Australia.  His website is a great resource for information for Australian geckos.



This is a great website for info about the genus Goniurosaurus.  I have bought a number of animals from Markus which I am not breeding myself.


I participate/view the below forums, each is different in its own way and they offer a excellent resource for care info.

Miscellaneous Reptile Sites


The International Herpetological Symposium is an annual meeting that takes place in a new location every year. It brings in speakers from around the world to discuss everything from current field work to captive husbandry of reptiles.  I regularily attend this event.


For those wanting to learn to do there own fecals this is a good site to explore.


This organization focuses to conserve the reptile and amphibian biodiversity in some of the most biodiverse areas of the world.


Over half of all amphibians in the world are threatened with extinction, please look around this site to see how you can help.


As reptile lovers we need to be aware of the dangers wild herps are facing, IRCF helps conserve some of them.


The Grand Cayman Blue Iguana is the most endangered iguana in the world. It is endemic to Grand Cayman and it one of the most beautiful lizards in the world.


The Orianne Society is a great reptile conservation organization that has expanded into conserving numerous different species, but they are best known for their work with Drymarchon couperi

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