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Payment Options

Paypal or Credit Card
Credit card payments are made through Paypal.

Money Orders
I accept Postal Money Orders. In order to hold an animal for you, the Postal Money order must be sent and you must send me a tracking number. When sending anything you must ask for Delivery Confirmation to get a tracking number. A tracking number is required within 24 hours of placing an animal on hold, so that I know you have mailed a payment.

Placing Animals on Hold
I cannot hold an animal until a 25% deposit has been made. If you can only pay by Postal Money Order, I will hold the animal for 24 hours and then a tracking number will be required to hold the animal any longer than that.

I do this because it is unfair to people who have all the money needed to buy the same gecko.

Any time a deposit has been made on an animal, it is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the animal can no longer be provided.

Shipping Animals

Shipping Address

You must provide me with the correct shipping address that you want the package delivered to.  If you pay by Paypal then please make sure the address associated with your account is the address you want the geckos shipped to.  I can not be held liable for an incorrect address.

Prices of animals do not include shipping unless otherwise posted. For animals, shipping is $48 via UPS Overnight, guaranteed by 10:30 AM in most cases.

Shipping is done through UPS Next Day. I can ship animals Monday-Wednesday. I deliver the animals directly to the main UPS store just before the overnight packages leave to go to the airport. The animals are then shipped to your door, usually around 10:30 AM. This means that the animal(s) will spend very little time in transit.  I will not ship animals unless I have made contact with you to confirm a shipping date.


100% Healthy Live Arrival Guarantee

Live Arrival
I offer a live arrival guarantee when temperatures are between 40-90 degrees and when someone is available to sign for the package upon delivery. Should an animal arrive expired, you must notify me within 12 hours of recieving the animal. If I do not hear from you within 12 hours of delivery, I will assume that the animal arrived live. I will not ship animals if there are storms or inclement weather (ex: hurricanes, -15 degrees, e.t.c) in or on the road to your area (this is to insure the animals safety).

I personally check mine and your weather reports to determine the best shipping date.  I provide cool/heat packs if needed at no additional cost if temperatures require me to do so.  I can not be held liable for carrier delays, although in the event this does happen I will do my best to help get the gecko to you as quick as possible.

I will not ship animals when temperatures are below 40 or above 90 degrees, no exceptions, this is to ensure the animals well-being as that is my overall number one priority.

European/Hamm Guarantees

Geckos being shipped to Hamm are shipped to my exporter the Thursday (the week before) so they arrive Friday morning.  This gives the exporter the weekend to prepare the package. The geckos usually leave the United States the Tuesday before Hamm, and arrive in Europe on Wednesday. The animals are looked at by a vet at customs and then are taken care of by my exporter until they are delivered to you on Saturday. I will notify you with more specific pickup info as this changes with every show.  It is best to pickup before the show, but I know this is not possible for everyone.  It is your responsibility to pickup your geckos as soon as possible on Saturday.  You must show a valid photo id (i.e. passport, drivers license, etc.) to obtain your gecko(s) this is to ensure the right geckos go to the right people. If you fail to pick-up the geckos from the show then the geckos will either be given away or brought back to the United States, in either case I will not offer a refund and you will not be entitled to another gecko. I will handle a situation like this on a case by case basis.

When shipping geckos overseas, I guarantee live arrival to my exporter.  However, I do not guarantee live arrival during the transatlantic flight. Both me and my exporter do the best job we can to ensure that all the geckos are transported in the best possible way, but be aware that no matter how many precautions that are taken, shipping geckos overseas is risky.  Thankfully so far our track record has been free of any major problems.

Cost for transporting animals overseas varies from show to show, it is to be determined by the number of animals, the size of the animals, the price of the animals, fuel costs, and other various factors. You will be quoted a shipping rate when you inquire about the geckos you are interested in. 


When an animal is sold as sexed, I offer a 100% guarantee. I do, reccomend for you to double check the sex of the animal and to notify me within 24 hours if it appears to be the wrong sex. If I have not heard from you within 24 hours, I will consider our transaction complete.

I offer a 24 hour health guarantee on my reptiles. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of reicieving your animal(s), I will assume that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and consider our transaction complete. Because I have no control of how you will keep your reptiles. I cannot offer a guarantee longer than 24 hours but, I will try and help you out as much as possible is something comes up.  I do know that sometimes animals can just up and die, with no indication why.  If this occurs, and I am convinced that this is the case then I will do my very best to make things right.

Depending on factors such as environment, stress and the presence of food, the color and/or intensity of the color on most geckos (including Crested Geckos) will change. With this in mind, my guarantee does not apply to color. However, in the case of baby geckos, you will most likely have a very pleasant surprise in store as the animal grows to its adult size. I will do everything I can to make the pictures as accurate as possible. 

If you have any other questions about purchasing a gecko feel free to e-mail me at ddreptiles@hotmail.com or call at (423)-327-1591.


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